Effihotel is accredited in the programme for sustainable building in Andalusia

Effihotel is accredited in the programme for sustainable building in Andalusia

On the 18th March 2014, the Andalusian regional government approved a decree – “Programa de Impulso a la Construcción Sostenible en Andalucía” - which regulates sustainable building in the region.  It aims to make the introduction of energy efficient measures and renewable energy in buildings easier.

The allocated budget for incentives and grants for 2014-2015 is €200 million.

This scheme – “El programa de Construcción Sostenible” – is comprised of the following:


Incentives for energy saving projects for existing buildings: improvement in energy performance, including the use of renewable energy in renovating and refurbishing buildings in Andalusia and energy efficient installations.

Projects can be wholly or partly funded and need to be carried out by companies that are linked to this scheme and include the following::

  • 1. Eco building refurbishment to achieve the best thermal efficiency and/or natural lighting conditions.
  • 2. Provision of work for energy efficient installations that offer savings in the generation, distribution and use of renewable energy.

View a summary of the program, click here

If you are a hotelier or a landlord and would like to upgrade your hotel to make it more energy efficient, you could benefit from these subsidies and grants. Call us, we can help you.

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